Monday, August 4, 2014

Recent purchase: McDonald's (MCD) & General Mills (GIS)

Here is the list of my recent purchase:-

-- 25 shares MCD at $95.41;
-- 50 shares MCD at $94.05.
-- 50 shares GIS at $50.76.

McDonald's annual dividend is $3.24 with yield rate 3.2%.  With 75 shares, my forward annual  dividend is around $243.  General Mill's annual yield rate is $1.64 with yield rate 3%.  With 50 shares, my forward annual dividend is about $82.  In total, these two companies offer me $325 in a year.

Market is getting more volatile these days (hopefully) towards the direction of correction.  I'm going to be patient and wait till September to see if there are opportunities for more purchase.  Currently these stocks are on my radar:-

PG -- entry price $75.80;
T    -- entry price $33.00;
GE -- entry price $24.00.

(Note: these entry prices are flexible though.)

I didn't do much work these days because my focus was on somewhere else.  Anyway, I'll keep on searching and updating my watch list.

Happy accumulating your dividend, everyone!