Monday, January 5, 2015

About this blog -- Money Unbinding

What is Money Unbinding?

Money Unbinding is my term for Financial Freedom. Most of the time, I found myself falling into the poor-dad mindset. With a money constraint mindset, I put money on a very high priority in my life and sometimes my decisions were driven by money.  In this way, It was hard for me and my family to live with ease and enjoy life freely.  On the other hand, as a mom of two kids, I would like to have more time to stay with my kids, instead of working 9 to 5 and daily struggling with my tight schedules.  In any case, financial freedom is a luxury dream which will be able to solve my issues and free up my time.  Luckily I found the perfect method to achieve my financial goal -- Dividend Growth Investment.

What's the purpose of this blog?

There are two main purpose of this blog.

1. Keep record of my DGI progress. In this blog, I plan to record down my stock purchases and stock sells in real-time manners, do stock analyses of those stocks of my interest, update monthly dividend income, and share / adjust my DGI strategy.

2. Interact with fellow bloggers, share ideas, and keep myself motivated.  There are a lot of awesome fellow bloggers with focus on DGI.  Dividend Growth Investor and Dividend Mantra are two terrific blogs that I have been following for a long time. I am thinking about my value that I'll be able to offer to the blog world and discuss with my fellow bloggers.  Besides following suit with a lot of others on real time updates on stock buys/sells/dividend income, I'll also share my option activities.  I'm still learning how to use options in a wise way. But currently I'll focus on selling naked puts, a way to buy stocks, and occasionally on covered calls.  As far as I know, several fellow bloggers are using the options strategy to help accumulate incomes.  Here is the options page from All About Interest, and Average Dividend Yield also has real time options update.

Plan of this blog

Gradually I'll add below pages on this blog.
-- Portfolio.  The stocks I currently own with cost basis and market prices.
-- Blogroll. The fellow bloggers who inspire me on DGI advices.
-- Dividend.  Monthly dividend income update.
-- About.  What is Money Unbinding and the purpose of this blog.
-- Disclaimer.  I am not a professional investment adviser. I am a learner.

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  1. DGI and DM are some great blogs and tremendous influences throughout the DG community. Happy to have you join this great community and share your story, purchases, and more. I know I'm looking forward to seeing some of these additional pages as you build them out.