Friday, January 2, 2015

Two Goals for 2015

As part of my new year resolution, I'd like to set up two stretching yet achievable goals for my dividend investment and also for this MU blog. I don't push myself too hard, so the goals are simple and mainly for incentive purpose.

1.  Achieve $4500 in annual dividend income.

Currently I have $80,000 cash sitting in my dividend account 
to be invested.  Every month I plan to input $1000 to my MU dividend investment account, which results in the whole year addition to be $12,000.  Let's assume the annual return rate at 3.5%, total $92,000 principle will produce annual dividend income at $3220. The forward annual dividend income from my current portfolio is $973.80.  From these data, my annual dividend goal at $4500 is reasonable and achievable.

2. Write 52 articles at MU blog.

This goal requires one article a week.  It's not a heavy task, and as long as I keep the above annual dividend goal in mind, I should have something to write.  My detailed plan is like this: 12 monthly dividends income articles; 24 stock analyses articles (2 for each month); 4 quarterly portfolio reviews; another 12 articles on strategies, learning from fellow bloggers, and thinking, etc.


  1. Thanks for sharing your 2015 goals with us. Would love to see what stocks you buy during the year to help you achieve $4500 in dividend income. Look forward to your progress.

  2. Wow, $80k in cash in your investment account is no joke. Quite a bit of capital to put to work in the market. Best of luck as you look for value and build your portfolio.