Friday, May 1, 2015

Monthly Review -- April 2015

Dividend income

In the month of April, I received $108.60 dividends in total.  Details are shown in below chart.

Below is the bar chart of MU monthly dividends record.  I received $403.35 dividends in the first four months.

New Stock Purchases

I did two purchases in April.

  • T -- 100 shares bought on 04/09/15; purchase price $32.50; 12-month forward dividends $188.
  • UPS -- 50 shares bought on 04/17/15; purchase price $95; 12-month forward dividends $146.

Puts expired in April

I have several puts written with expiration date in April.  Total income from these puts is $426.20.

  • T puts
  • EMR
  • XOM
  • RY
  • BABA
  • CAT (Closed early, not with expiration date in April)


  1. BABA looks to be a little outside your normal investment philosophy? I prefer to write puts only on big slow moving blue chips. In the early days of learning to write puts, I'd take chances on Chinese solar panel companies. Annualized yields over 100% seemed too good to be true. They were. Shares would collapse and I couldn't recover without taking a big loss. Now my 'downside' is owning great dividend paying companies at a discounted price.

    1. Hi, FV. Thanks for the comments.

      I agree with you. BABA is more risky than blue chips.

      I did business on before, purchased stuff from Chinese vendors and sold in the US, so kind of know about their business model. I listened to a lot of lectures of Jack Ma, both in Chinese and in English, and I think he is a true leader. I also listened to their ER webcast and read their reports. I tend to have confidence in this company's future. So when the price dropped to near $80s, I thought to myself I'm willing to bought some shares at the price, so I took action and wrote puts.

      But you are right, I should stick with my normal investment philosophy. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Nice dividend income for the month. Just think what that $100 can cover as a monthly expense you already have. Nice to see DNP in your list as well. I wrote about them a while back as it was a stock consideration of mine along with TYG and others. I never pulled the trigger on it but it is a pretty highly rated ETF. I still would love to get into options by writing puts or selling covered calls. I just don't have the comfort level I'd like yet with options but I can see it being a great way to buy stocks via selling puts and/or generate premium income from expired contracts. Thanks for sharing.