Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stock purchase -- AT&T (NYSE: T)

On 04/09/15, I bought 100 shares AT&T (NYSE: T) at $32.50 per share.  Here is the summary with expected dividend income from this purchase:-

At the same time, I have 300 shares puts written at $32.  Details are as following:-


  1. Your table on T puts isn't making any sense. The purchase date was today or 6MAR2015? I'd expect a high annualized return for about 6 week of near the money exposure to T. There is a typo in there somewhere, methinks.

    1. Hi FV, no typo. I made the purchase on March 6, the market price on that date was around $33.5, so the premium was relatively low then.

    2. Ok, makes sense now. Put was written out of the money :-)

  2. I recently bought some T with my Roth account. I am looking to add more if it drops further.